My recipes

My recipes

Sunday, August 25, 2013

veggie sandwich


White bread/wheat bread- 3 slices for each sandwich
Tomato slices
Potato peeled n boiled slices
Cucumber- 1 peeled n sliced
Cheese shredded/cheese slices
Green chutney
Butter as needed to spread on top


1- Take a slice of bread n apply layer of butter n green chutney then place potato slices on top.
2-Then place another slice n place tomato slices n close with one more slice.
3-Now place cucumber slices n cheese slice n close with bread slice n apply butter on top n fry it on the pan or panini grill tastes yummy.

For green chutney add cilantro leaves n mint leaves in equal quantities n add green chili according to taste n add salt n lime juice finally n mix well.

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