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My recipes

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chapathi with dry methi leaves


Wheat flour- 1 cup
Sugar- 1/4 tbsp
salt-1/4 tbsp
Oil- 1 tbsp
Water required
Dry methi leaves- 2 tbsp

Equipments required:-

*Stick for rolling  chapathis
*Pan for frying
*Spatula for frying
*A base for rolling chapathi on them


1-First take a medium size bowl add all the ingredients accept water .
2-Now by adding water mix the mix properly to make a dough.
3-The dough must be very soft so the chapathis will be soft to eat.
4-Now separate the dough and make equal size of bolls and arrange in a plate.
5-Now take each dough and roll them in round shape by using wheat flour so it does not sticks and gives u grip to roll.

6-Now on the stove heat the pan and fry the chapathis in high flame by spreading little oil on both the sides. Dont add oil first when u turn into another side then spread oil.

7-Now serve them with any curry. If u like onions then cut them in any shape and soak them in water for 5-7 min then remove them from water and then place them in bowl and add lemon to it and let it soak for 10- 20 min gives good taste.
8-Serve this with chapathi i love to eat like that tastes good.


*Never make chapathis thick u may not eat and they also becomes hard to eat.
*Never fry in simmer it becomes hard and u feel them like papad when u eat them.

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  1. Puffy and healthy chapathis... Sure it would have melted in your mouth..