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My recipes

Friday, February 18, 2011

Steamed Asparagus

This asparagus  is without  calories it tastes very good. You can  have them as a side dish for meal. Try  this kind of veggies they  are also good for health.


Asparagus- 1 bundle fresh
Salt to Taste
Pepper- 1/2 tbsp
Oil - 1tbsp
Lemon- 1 tbsp


1-First clean and cut the base of the each asparagus 1/3 rd inch and cut them at the center.
2-Now take a pan add oil heat it then add the asparagus  pieces and add salt and pepper and toss well.
3-Now close the lid and steam it at simmer for 5 min and it is ready to eat. Don't over cook it does not tastes good.
Garnish lemon before serving it.Enjoy this recipe and taste it and  feel the taste.


  1. me and my hubby are quite fond of asparagus!....steamed surely look yummy!...we grill them too!

  2. We love these - to me they seem smell and taste like boiled peanuts - nice post

  3. Wow looks very simple and healthy dish....

  4. This is perfect with any main course

  5. Hi Harika, thanks for stopping by my space.
    Love the steamed asaparagus. I make a garlic one with finely chopped and sauted garlic and topped with roasted sesame.

  6. Hey very simple and healthy, I never tried anything with asparagus,dint know wat to do? now I got one Thanks

  7. This is a lovely and delicious way to prepare asparagus. It's simplicity and easy are a real treat. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary