My recipes

My recipes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lamb Biryani


Mutton- 1  lb (cut and cleaned)
Basmati rice- 2 cups (washed)
Water- 2 1/2 cups
Coconut water- 1 1/2
Green chillis- 3 sliced
Pudina(mint leaves)- 1 packet finely chopped
Coriander leaves(cilantro)- 1/4 packet chopped
Onion- 1 large sliced
Tomato- 1 chopped
Curd- 1 cup (beaten)
Chilli powder- 1/2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Garam masala- 1/4 tbsp
Mutton masala- 1 tbsp
Turmeric- 1/4 tbsp
Dhaniya powder- 1/2 tbsp
Zeera powder- 1/2 tbsp
Cashew- 4 tbsp
Curry leaves- 5 count
Ginger garlic paste- 1 1/2  tbsp
oil- 2 tbsp
Ghee- 1 tbsp

Garam masala Ingredients :-

Star anise- 1
Biryani leaf- 2
Cardamoms- 4
Cloves- 4
Cinnamon stick- 1 stick 2 inch
Shah zeera- 1 tbsp

Procedure for marination:-

1-Take a bowl clean the mutton properly.
2-Now add the salt, turmeric,chilli powder, mutton masala, dhaniya powder, zeera powder,Garam masala, ginger garlic paste and mix well and marinate for 1- 2 hours.

3-Store it in refridgerator for marination.

Procedure for biryani:-

1-Now take a pressure cooker add ghee and tbsp of oil and add the garam masala ingredients and cashew nuts,green chillis,curry leraves and fry until golden colour.

2-Now add the marinated mutton,Coriander leaves some,pudina chopped  and fry for a min and add 1 cup of water and boil it until 7-8 vessels.So it cooks well.

3-Now take medium size wok heat it add tbsp of oil and add onion and fry well and then add 1/2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste and fry well until golden colour.

4-Now add the tomato and fry well now add the cooked mutton into the pan and if there is any water in the curry then let it cook until the water evaporates totally.

5-Now add the washed basmati rice and fry for a min carefully rice should not break.

6-Now add the water, salt and taste the water if necessary add garam masala powder and salt. The water must be very little salty.

7-Now close the lid and cook it in low flame so the bottom does not burns and cooks evenly.

Ingredients for raita:-

Curd- 1 cup
Onion- 1 cup chopped finely
Cucumber- 1/4 piece peeled and chopped finely
Tomato- 1/2 chopped
Green chillis- chopped- 1
Coriander leaves chopped
Salt to taste


1-First take the chopped onions and add water and little salt and soak it for 10 min so it decreases its spice.

2-Now take bowl add chopped onions, green chillis, tomato, cucumber, coriander, curd and salt and add little water and mix well.

Serve this with any biryani tastes good.


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