My recipes

My recipes

Monday, December 20, 2010

Health and Beauty tips

1)Tip for pimples:-Take tulsi leaves and dry them ank a fine powder.
Then take almond oil and add the powder in oil mix well and apply on pimples and wash your face after 15 min. This gives relief from pimples.

2)Tip for soft and brightening  skin - Make a fine paste of soaked almonds, honey , lemon and oats and apply it on your face and wash after 15 to 20 min. It gives smoothness and brightness to your face.

3)Tip for head drilling:-  Take lemon juice and ginger juice in same quantity and drink it gives u relief.

4)Tip for reducing tan on your face- Take a banana and make afine paste then add godumravva(ravva) in banana paste and massage your face on upward directions and leave it for 10 - 15 min and wash with cold water.

5)Tip for long stay pickles: Take oil boil it and cool it then add into pickle. It lets the pickle to stay longer.

6)Tip for clean legs: When you come from outside then you wash your legs with water instead of that apply lemon on both of u r legs and wash after 10 min it gives you fresh feeling and keeps clean with good smell.

7)Tip for cracks on your feet:- Take coconut oil and heat it in oven or stove and apply at night before you sleep and wash at the morning. Continue this you will see a change.

8)Tip for cold in winter: Take ginger juice , lemon juice and honey in the same quantity and drink . It gives relief in winter.

9)Tip for dead skin on your body: Take olive oil and apply on your body then take wheat flour and lemon juice mix both of them and apply on your body and wash it removes your tan and gives fresh look.

10)Tip for curing infection on legs: Take turmeric, sesame oil (nuvvula oil) and lemon . mix all of them and apply on your legs and clean after some time. It cures infection on your legs.

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