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My recipes

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Create n carve~ Fruit and vegetable carving event round up

It has been a wonder ful journey for the month of may as i hosted an event create n carve with fruits and veggies. I want to thank nayna for giving me such an opportunity to host for the month of may. This event has successfully completed. Thanks to my bloggers for sending their entries to me.
This event is hosted by Linda for the month of june. So dear friends send your entries to linda for this month.

Here are the entries i received for the month of may event. The carvings are very beautiful and creative.

Shiva ling and hut by Harika of

Water melon carving by Akheela of

Carved pumpkin , Lemon garnish, orange garnish and Potato rose by Nayna of

Honey dew bunny by Soujanya of

Papaya peacock and Papaya vase by shobha of

cucumber design with tomato flower by marri  of

All the entries are awesome i loved them. Thank u for the entries friends.


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  2. Awesome work! Nice Post . its looking so beautiful. fruit vegetable carving is considered one of the main forms of art in india.

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