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My recipes

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gongura chutney


Gongura- 1 large  bunch
Zeera- 1 tbsp
Coriander seeds- 1 tbsp
Dry red chillis- 3-4 according to spicy
Garlic- 10 no.
Salt to taste


1-First take a pan and fry zeera, dhaniya and dry red chilli  and cool it and make a fine powder and keep it side.
2-Then wash the gongura and chop it and dry it on a dry cloth or tissue. Remove the water.
3-Now take a pan add oil heat it add garlic cloves and fry them when they turn into golden color add gongura and fry it well until the oil appears  and now add the grind masala powder , salt required and mix well. Ready to serve with rice.

This chutney also longs last for 10-15 days......really yummy with rice....


  1. this summer we had a bountiful plants of gongura in our yard..if u check my old posts u will find picture of them....I made so many dishes but never posted...I still have some frozen gongura in my freezer..u r tempting me to make chutney now!maybe i should!

  2. I have become a fan of gongura lately..never tried the pachadi yet...

  3. Slurp, tongue tickling chuntey..

  4. Cool mouthwatering gonkura chutney.

  5. THis is one of our all time fav chutneys - Homemade should be even yummier :)

  6. My absolute all time favourite... superb..

  7. tasted this few times in restaurents,but never tried on my own.nice recipe

  8. thank u so much for ur quick reply
    i will try this recipe